Meet Judy O'Connor

Judy has 20+ years of marketing and business development experience with organizations ranging from startups to billion dollar public companies. She provides high level insight while also taking a hands-on approach to managing critical details.

Judy has a passion for building strategic, collaborative, no-drama teams. She has great respect for - and the desire to work alongside - smart, dedicated people at all levels within an organization.

Highly respected, collaborative teams under Judy's leadership have launched startups, rebranded global organizations, and submitted proposals resulting in more than $100 million of Federal government contract awards.


Vice President

Volo Digital

Judy is sharp, conscientious, and strategic, with the rare combination of intelligence, practicality, grit and determination. She maintains a collaborative mindset and puts the needs of her staff in front of her own. Her team's comprehensive global rebrand of Liquidity Services included all new content and graphics across hundreds of collateral pieces, videos, and the corporate website, as well as the development of a new lead nurture program that greatly increased lead generation across all business lines.


Senior Director of Patient

Marketing & Communications

Privia Health

While constantly results-oriented and focused on maximizing return on investment, Judy always considers the human aspect of business, displaying genuine interest in colleagues, clients and vendors. Her sincerity and dedication is infectious, and greatly contributes to a positive environment that strengthens the foundation of each organization.

I worked very closely with Judy for the preparation of a competitive proposal for the DLA. That proposal included 2 other partners, required a 105 page Tech Volume, 179 pages of formatted resumes and certifications, 12 figures, 19 tables, a 48 page Past Performance Volume a 51 page Price Volume, 20 binders, 6 CDs and hard copes. We submitted just five weeks after the RFP was issued. NTVI received a $65M multi-year award as a result.


President & General Manager





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